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Guide dog receives the Purple Paw

April 17th, 2014
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A trip to Bruce Breslauer’s Great Falls office involves shaking hands with Breslauer, and, sometimes, patting his 9-year-old black Labrador retriever Glendale on the head. But Glendale, other than wagging her tail, shows little visible excitement at a new visitor. She likes new people, Breslauer explained, but she was also “born old.” “You wonder whether she ever had a puppyhood,” says Breslauer, who received Glendale as ...

Military dog that saved patrol retires with honors

April 16th, 2014
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TAMPA, Fla. — Staff Sgt. Shannon Hutto thought his bomb sniffing dog Eddie was just being lazy when he wouldn’t move from a certain spot one hot day in Afghanistan in 2012. But Hutto then saw what Eddie smelled: a homemade bomb, partially buried in the dirt. It was six inches from Hutto’s foot. “It was a high stress moment,” Hutto said. A short time later, Eddie sniffed ...

‘Puppy love’ as couple marry after guide dogs ‘fell in love’

April 9th, 2014
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Claire Johnson, 50, and Mark Gaffey, 51, met in 2012 after Labrador-Retrievers Venice and Rodd took a shine to each other. The pair guided their owners through the service in Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent, on Saturday and even acted as ring-bearers. Ms Johnson said she had "no doubt" the dogs had brought the couple together. 'Meant to be' Their romance began on a two-week guide dog training course. Ms Johnson said Venice ...

Dog a life-changer for girl with autism

April 8th, 2014
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Jaime Thomas is petrified of dogs, yet having one as an almost constant companion has changed her life. Going out in public and certain situations can overwhelm the Hamilton 10-year-old, due to her autism. Yet that's already started to change in the six weeks she has had chocolate labrador Brandi, trained through the Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust to help people with disabilities. In fact, talking about Brandi ...

From Dogs, Answers About Breast Cancer

April 7th, 2014
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By the time the elderly woman surrendered the 10 dogs living in her mobile home in rural Maryland, the shih tzus were unkempt and full of fleas and had gone years without their shots. A cream- and mushroom-colored female named Akyra, with a sweet disposition and a comical underbite, was in such bad shape that volunteer rescue groups declined to take her in. Akyra’s mammary glands ...