A Deified Dog?

December 10th, 2009
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Other than Mea trying to get rid of her hiccups, it just seemed like another day in class. We were in Mrs. Schnoot’s Agility 101 class, and she was trying to explain the physics of leaping over hurdles on the blackboard, but my mind wandered. That was when the door swung open and a mammoth dog walked into the room.

“Sorry for the interruption, but I have an exchange student that is joining the school,” Vice Principal Bluehorn said as he propped the door open for the St. Bernard. “I know you’ll make him feel at home. Please welcome Gianluca from Switzerland.”

“Oh my. Well, please find a seat for now,” Mrs. Schnoot said hurriedly. “Class is almost over, but we’ll get you a permanent seat next time we meet.”

While any disruption to class is welcome and breaks the monotony, this St. Bernard was interesting because he was just so… different. Gianluca had more fur on one leg than I had on my whole body! Because there were a couple of empty desks near me, he lumbered over and slumped into a seat. It’s important to show machismo when making an entrance.

“Pssst, hey,” Gregio whispered, trying to be the first to talk to him. “Do you guys really take brandy to people?”

“Ha! What a myth!,” Gianluca snorted haughtily.“I wish we were seen more like Beethoven. That movie rocked!”

It wasn’t too long before the bell rang and we hustled to get out the door. Before we left, I went over to Gianluca.

“Hey buddy, welcome to Milk Bone Pickens High,” I began after introducing myself. “I’m a big movie buff myself. Hands down, The Dark Knight was a work of art. I can’t watch it enough.”

“Yeah that was the best,” Gianluca gruffed. “Wait a minute. You’re that Italian Greyhound Louie guy with the club, the Beefy Snack or something like that. I’ve heard about you.”

“That’s cool,” I replied, a bit startled. “How did you hear about it so quickly?”

“Someone mentioned you guys were looking for the origin of canine consciousness,” Gianluca answered while we walked down the hall. “Is that true? That’s pretty cool.”

“Are you saying you know?,” I said incredulously. “You know where it all came from and how we can live these types of lives? We thought it might have come from a magic water dish.”

“I know something that will point you in the right direction,” Gianluca said. “Have you ever noticed that ‘dog’ is an anadrome and is different when spelled backwards?”

This stopped me in my tracks. I started to put the letters together.

“G-o-d, it spells god,” I said excitedly. “That means that because we do the things that we do, we’re… gods?”

Gianluca stopped and looked at me quixotically. His whole body began to shake with laughter.

“You crack me up, Louie,” he began to laugh. “No, you’re not a god. For a little dog, you sure do have a big ego. What I’m trying to say is that we’ve been given these special abilities from A god. A canine god. Look into it.”

I had many more questions, but he had ducked into his next class. If this was true, then we were onto something very big indeed. This was more intimidating than a big wind storm. I was standing in the hall, mulling the possibilities, when Karma came up and playfully nipped me on the neck. I was late for my next class!

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