A Hairy Little Surprise

November 12th, 2010
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Look closely. YES, it’s a dog and a small one! This poor pup, Ripley, was found in a quarry outside of a southern Louisiana shelter. It’s great that Ripley was found because the mere 7.5-pound Poodle was carrying around 2.5 pounds of matted hair. This was the worst case that ┬áHouma, Louisiana rescuers had ever discovered, and they were not sure what they would find once they removed the fuzz. Now that Ripley’s extra hair has been shaved, he’s recovering just fine. He has been gaining weight, and his sores are healing, since his skin can breathe.

There have been numerous calls to adopt Ripley, but he is not available for adoption yet. When he becomes available, Ripley hopes to find a home without children or large dogs, although he loves human attention and loves to snuggle. Ripley is about two-years old, so he still has lots of puppy left in him!

To read more about Ripley, visit Peoplepets’ website.

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  • Hbrown1761

    I am interested in the poodle. I live in Columbia city IN in a household with two adult males where we have one poodle and one cockapoo where they are the pride and joy of our life. They are well maintained, clothed, toy box full of toys and sleep with us at night. They travel every where we go and we made christmas pictures with them this year since Sky joined the family one year ago.nncontact me me at hbrown1761@aol.com or call 574-878-4044