Red Dog Wows Audiences But Star Wants To Snooze

August 14th, 2011
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Red Dog has taken total box- office revenue of more than $3.9m, after Thursday-Saturday takings of $1.27m. Figures for yesterday were not available.

Distributor Roadshow Films said the result was a 4 per cent increase on the previous weekend. It is unusual for a film to grow in popularity after its opening weekend. “It reflects the incredible word of mouth,” said Roadshow spokeswoman Inge Burke.

“We are also getting reports from theatre managers (that) there is spontaneous applause at the end of some sessions.”

Director Kriv Stenders said word of mouth was vital for Australian films that did not have Hollywood publicity budgets.

Set in the Pilbara mining country of the 1970s, Red Dog struck a chord with audiences because of its depiction of community values, he said. “It’s really about a particular period and place in Australian history, but also about a very universal love for an animal or pet,” Stenders said. “I think that speaks to all of us.”

The movie made people “laugh and cry and laugh again”, and they enjoyed watching it together in the cinema.

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