Best Friends: Michael Vick Pit Bulls, Oscar and Squeaker

January 14th, 2011
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Dogfighting didn’t prevent two of Michael Vick’s Pit Bulls from becoming the best of friends. Squeaker and Oscar have fallen in love with the caring and positive environment at Best Friends Sanctuary. Both dogs were fearful when they arrived, after being rescued from the Bad Newz Kennels, but their bond helped them to persevere in their new lives.

Oscar was not a dog-friendly sort of pooch when he arrived at Best Friends, and he was terrified of people. However, he was eager to learn and was the first Vick Pit Bull to pass his Good Canine Citizen test. As time passed, Oscar was coaxed out of his shell, and Squeaker helped him. Now, they spend their days together in the same run, due to the friendship that blossomed between them.

Squeaker was scared of people, but not as much as Oscar. After spending a lot of time with the Best Friends staff in the clinic laundry, the vivacious Pit has learned to trust humans and loves to get belly rubs. Squeaker’s ability to come out of her fearful shell has helped Oscar. Now, both of them greet the Best Friends staff with wagging tails.

To read more about the Vick Pit bulls, visit the Best Friends’ website.

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