Brains Helps Brawn Survive

June 24th, 2010
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Another case of dog fighting, and luckily the two victims survived. Brawn, the reddish Pit Bull, was emaciated, weighing a mere 40 pounds and wearing a 20 pound chain around his neck, and struggled to maneuver through traffic. But his buddy Brains kept encouraging him, and she led the way to safety.

Brains and Brawn were found in an area of West Palm Beach, Florida that is known as a breeding ground for fight dogs. These two, furry best buds escaped a life of  “kill or be killed,” and now are being rehabilitated at Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. When the pups are ready for adoption, the rescue will keep them together, and will try to find a family willing to take both Pit Bulls.

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  • Valcintron

    This is an amazing story of two dogs destined to get out of that awful life they had. God Bless them and the people who are helping them now.