Bringing your dog to work is one way to lower stress levels

June 5th, 2013
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workdayThe South Australian family-owned business says opening its doors to staff’s dogs has helped their owners deal with the stress of working in the disability services area.

SACARE’s marketing communications manager Chloe Kempe said the sector was a “particularly emotional one and it was a release to have pets in the office”.

SACARE owns supported accommodation for people with mental illness or high and complex needs resulting from degenerative illnesses, acquired brain injury or physical disability.

There are a minimum of four dogs on any day at its Nailsworth office, and most of them go on site visits to SACARE’s mental health facilities at Prospect, North Adelaide and Hope Valley.

“There are obviously studies showing pets are beneficial and we actually see that on the job,” Ms. Kempe said.

“We want to make sure we are a forward-thinking workplace. It’s a more broadminded way of looking at work-life balance.”

The business employs 13 people and the flexibility extends to other pets as well as children.

Office regulars include Ms. Kempe’s dalmatians Dudley and Archie, and Boston terrier Phoebe.

The four-legged companions have an outdoor area to exercise and otherwise spend time closer to their owner instead of home alone.

June 21 is international Take Your Dog to Work Day, when employers are asked to open their businesses to pets to promote the benefits of pet ownership and encourage animal adoption.

The RSPCA estimates more than 60 per cent of Australian households own a pet but less than 25 per cent of employers allow pets into the workplace.

SACARE may be one of the few SA employers to have pet-friendly workplaces, but it is one of many national and international companies to do so.

Google is one of the global companies that allow dogs in workplaces, along with Amazon, Dell, Nokia and Procter & Gamble’s Pet Care division.

Nationally, among the well-known pooch-friendly places is Mars Petcare and clothing retail chain Cotton On.

~ Courtesy of Herald Sun

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