Brody’s Story

August 18th, 2014
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brody2Since she was a little girl, Tori Sturz loved animals, from her first dog, Sally, to her donkey, Katie. As a child, these animals were not only her pets, but also loyal and loving companions. As time passed, Tori became exposed to the neglect and abuse that many animals faced everyday of their lives.

It was heartbreaking for her every time she heard a story or saw another animal that was improperly cared for or abused. She felt powerless despite her aching desire to change the lives of these helpless and dependent animals.

Being a huge proponent of pet rescues, one Saturday Tori and her children visited the local adoptions. Her husband, Gregg, was out of town and he was not quite ready for another four-legged family member at that point in time. When Tori found Brody, she knew it would be worth it to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

Brody came from a very humble beginning. He was picked up by animal control running the streets in Cherokee County, Georgia. He was heart worm positive with several other health issues and concerns. Fortunately, a wonderful rescue group pulled him from animal control on the morning he was to be euthanized.

brodyThe morning of the adoptions, he was scruffy and withdrawn, but Tori fell in love instantly. Following his adoption, Brody had one last surgery he needed before he could go home with the Sturz family. When Tori went to the vet to see him before he went under anesthesia, he just locked eyes with her and “it was as if he just knew he had been truly rescued,” says Tori, reminiscing. At that moment she knew that she had to do something to help all of the other animals in rescues and shelters find their own forever homes.

When Gregg met Brody, there was no doubt in his mind that Brody was meant for the Sturz family as well, and today, Tori and Gregg work together to create an opportunity to save these animals. They knew they could not do it on their own, so they started a company, PureZa For Life, which provides support to pet rescue groups and animal service organizations across the country. Support for these organizations is provided through the purchases of premium nutritional products.

PureZa For Life also provides a way to change the lives of other pet lovers across the globe. Tori’s life mission is to spend as much of her time as possible supporting and donating to the different animal service organizations and pet rescue groups. Now with PureZa For Life, she is fulfilling that dream.

Today, Brody is happy, healthy and living the good life! He has been promoted to PureZa For Life Chief Taste Tester and receives only the most nutritious and delicious food, along with his own queen-size bed complete with his fair share of fluffy pillows for all his hard work!

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