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Looking after your dog’s teeth and gums

June 3rd, 2014

    What do you do to look after your teeth? Presumably you brush twice a day, but maybe you also use mouthwash and floss too to keep your teeth as clean as possible. That’s great, but what about your dog? Most dogs don’t have the dexterity to hold a too thbrush, so it’s down to you to help them keep their teeth and gums as clean ...

Farewell Pee Pads – Dogs Want Real Grass

May 22nd, 2012
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A new product for dogs is capitalizing on the innovative technology of soil-less grass. Initially used mainly for golf courses and other large outside areas, this unique grass is now featured in an in-home dog potty produced by Fresh Patch ( The company was established in 2010 to provide a convenient solution for dog owners who can't ...

Pet Pavilion Pet Incubator & Hotel

May 17th, 2012
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With deceptive looks like the Infrared Pet drying room this device wont toast Fi Fi but this odd looking device from Korea will create the perfect environment for sick Fi Fi or any other pet be it a cat, dog or bird to get better. When your beloved pet is not feeling well just pop it in and you can control ...

The Dog-Washing Machine: Effective or Cruel?

April 5th, 2012
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In Japan, everything comes and goes in vending machines--even a dog. At Joyful Honda, a Tokyo superstore, a pooch can be popped into a dog-washing machine for a half-hour shampoo, rinse and blow dry. A rather subdued toy poodle was one of its early patrons, getting the full treatment for about $11.00. This washing machine for dogs is proving to be a boon for pets ...

To Bathe or Not to Bathe Your Dog?

February 2nd, 2012
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I notice that a lot of people drop off their dogs at the groomer just to get a bath. And while that's okay, I would like to share with you three reasons why you should consider giving your dog a bath yourself. (Yeah, you and Fido in the bath tub!) 1.  Bath time can be a special bonding experience between you and your ...