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Helpful Tips on Caring For Your MacDowall Pet

August 7th, 2015

Having a pet is a joyful experience, but it does come with a number of responsibilities. There are a number of things that can happen to an animal if they are not properly cared for. Before you get a pet, you need to take the time to evaluate the time you will have to spend with it. The last thing anyone wants is to get ...

How to choose the right dog food

October 16th, 2014
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If you’ve ever gone to the pet store and stared, mouth open, at all the different options, you know how hard it can be to settle on a dog food. There are so many different choices, some of which you probably never would have even thought about. Of course, add the online dog food stores and there are hundreds and hundreds of options in ...

Town’s favorite dog has 2 legs, 2 wheels

August 25th, 2014
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ALBANY, Minn. - Technically the dog making its way down Forest Avenue is pure German Shorthaired Pointer. But you're forgiven if you conclude a bit of Walmart greeter slipped into River too. River is Albany's best known canine. Up more driveways than a meter reader, River never misses an opportunity to interact with humans while out on his frequent walks with Herby and Carol Mader. "A lot of ...

Looking after your dog’s teeth and gums

June 3rd, 2014

    What do you do to look after your teeth? Presumably you brush twice a day, but maybe you also use mouthwash and floss too to keep your teeth as clean as possible. That’s great, but what about your dog? Most dogs don’t have the dexterity to hold a too thbrush, so it’s down to you to help them keep their teeth and gums as clean ...

Dog becomes ‘one of America’s top blood donors’ after saving 224 canine lives

December 2nd, 2013
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Riley, an eight-year-old crossbreed, was signed up to a blood donation program when he was aged just one and has given blood since for seven years. The life-saving pooch donates every six weeks, the time frame recommended by vets, meaning that he has donated the maximum amount of blood possible. Experts believe he is one of the most prolific blood donating dogs in the US, with the ...