Chihuahua and Pit Bull in Love

December 12th, 2010
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Clyde, the Chihuahua, didn’t care that Bonnie was much bigger than him and could crush him with her powerful jaws because the pup was in LOVE. He protected her from being taken away from him regardless of the consequences. A Pennsylvania dog warden didn’t know what he was getting himself into during a showdown with Clyde, who put himself between his beloved Bonnie and the dog warden.

The warden was so touched by this Chihuahua’s devotion to the Pit Bull that he found a no-kill shelter for the two to stay at. Washington County Humane Society of Pennsylvania couldn’t resist taking in the love birds, despite not having room for them. Bonnie and Clyde stayed in the bathroom for two days until a dog run was available.

Today, the Pit Bull and Chihuahua have a forever home with a family that had previously owned a Pit Bull and a Chihuahua. This family was looking to fill the void left by the loss of their Pit bull. Since Bonnie and Clyde were a package deal, the family was happy to take in the loving couple!

You can read more about Bonnie and Clyde’s story at Best Friends and Tonic websites.

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  • Mmarksfrey

    That is one of the sweetest stories that I have ever heard. I assist in animal rescue, purely as a hobby. Yesterday, we saved a 9 week old golden/spaniel from an outdoor holding pen and brought to a foster home. A 4 year old girl, about to leave for her forever home, hovered around the pup and wouldn’t let the other dogs near him.nn

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