Dog Collars and Leashes Color-Coded System

July 15th, 2011
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As a dog owner of a loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I often experience prejudice and ignorance towards the breed. This results in children being pulled away from my dog, people crossing the road to avoid him, and other dog owners panicking with their own pets.

While I know that there have been instances reported in the media concerning certain breeds, I think it’s important to judge the individual dog and not the breed. Given this feeling, and because I am a responsible dog owner, I have created a line of dog collars and leashes. They’re not for fashion purposes. They were designed with the intention of providing a good dog-walking experience with all breeds.

For this line of products, I have devised a color-coding system. The tri-color, traffic-light coded collars and leashes assist with alerting walkers of a good dog walking experience for all breeds. They address three types of dogs–dogs that are friendly, and dogs that should be approached with caution. I created these products after doing a considerable amount of research, both with dog owners and non-dog owners. So far, I have received very positive feedback.

My hope is to raise awareness about walking certain breeds of dogs, and to ensure that they don’t receive any negative responses in the press. I am confident that my approach could assist with preventing the number of dog bites and attacks, and to reduce any unprompted fights between dogs while on a walk.

These collars and leashes are made of a high-quality material with embroidered lettering. The bright, tri-colored products match the color of traffic signals. They can be seen from a distance, and can prepare oncoming walkers and dog owners for coming into contact with any breed of dog.

This traffic-light system should be used only as a guide. It addresses the following types of dogs.

Red: Dogs should be approached with caution.

Orange: Dogs are friendly toward adults and children, but they are not good with other dogs.

Green: Dogs are friendly toward people and other dogs.

With this color-coded system, it is still the owner’s responsibility to put the appropriate collar and leash on the individual breed and personality of the dog.

Leads are double layered to add strength, and have 3 words embroidered on each side, including a strong 200 kgs tension trigger hook.

Medium and Large collars adjust to fit neck sizes 35cm to 60cm w 38mm.

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Registration number: R 4015463

Trademark: DEXIL

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