Google Dog Fighting App Needs To Be Banned

August 15th, 2011
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The Google App, Dog Wars now renamed KG DogFighting, has been brought back on the Market after Google agreed to remove it in April. Creator of the App, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims he’s a dog lover and thinks that this App will bring awareness to the cruelty of dog fighting. Aren’t there better ways to spread the word about the abuse of dogs used for profit? The KG DogFighting App creator could educate urban youth or create a rescue for dogs subjected to dog fighting.

Selling a dog fighting app, this is not a constructive way to raise awareness and it seems like a way to make money off an illegal sport. KG Dogfighting shows players how to prepare your dog to fight by methods used by actual dog fighting rings. Despite KG Dogfighting being a virtual world, one has to ask when does virtual reality become reality? Dog fighting is already an illegal act that has expanded and killed many dogs. There doesn’t need to be a virtual game that will only encourage the horrible sport.

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