Dog fosters three abandoned kittens and seven puppies

June 4th, 2014
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maryJASPER, Ga– Cat videos have a certain cuteness level. People have build entire internet empires on cat videos. Mary took it to a whole new level.

Mary is a beagle mix at the Animal Shelter of Pickens County. She already had seven puppies in her litter. It’s likely why she ended up at the shelter. People often unload pregnant pets when they realize they can’t afford the vet bills of the pregnancy and the responsibility of finding the puppies new homes.

Maybe Mary knows what it’s like to be unwanted, left behind, abandoned. Maybe that’s why she’s now fostering three kittens.

Judy Moody, Assistant Director of the Animal Shelter of Pickens County, said the kittens were dumped at the shelter with no explanation. A nursing cat was already fostering extra kittens and Moody was desperate for another mom. Mary stepped up.

She sleeps with the kittens and continually carries them back to the squirming pile of puppies. Moody and other workers at the shelter have to frequently feed the cats by syringe. “If anything, it’s given the kittens the companionship of the litter, the mother, the warmth,” Moody explains in a cell phone video taken by Mary Livsey.

“She loves her kittens. I took two of them away and she had a heart attack, poor thing,” Moody said.

Moody took the mixed litter home for the weekend, but all will be up for adoption when they’re ready.

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