Dog Leads Alaska State Troopers to Fire

April 25th, 2010
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Buddy, a 5-year-old German shepherd, was honored as a hero for guiding Alaska State Troopers through back roads to a fire that was blazing at his owner’s workshop on April 4. At a ceremony for the brave dog, he received a commendation and a stainless steel dog bowl. The bowl was engraved with words of appreciation from the troopers for his diligence and assistance. The dog also received a big rawhide bone, and his human family got a framed letter documenting his efforts.

For some reason, Buddy knew that there was a fire, and went to get help for his family. The heroic deed was seen on a patrol car’s dashcam video, which showed the dog meeting the trooper’s car and then running toward the property just north of Anchorage in an area with about 75 miles of back roads. The dog kept looking back at the patrol car as he raced ahead, arriving just in front of the blaze. From there, the trooper guided firefighters to the scene.

Buddy’s owner, Ben Heinrichs, was almost tearful at the commemoration as he commented that the dog had saved his house and his family from the fire.

The family said they knew Buddy was smart and that he was very brave, twice chasing bears away while Ben Heinrichs was fishing.

Although Buddy was initially stuck inside the burning building, Heinrichs let him out and the dog was not injured.

“He’s my hero,” owner Ben Heinrichs said.

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