Dog takes on admin role at quarry

June 15th, 2013
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MistyMisty the Border collie has taught herself how to fetch and carry delivery forms and credit cards to help out on the front desk.

Customers and fellow-employees at Burlington Stone are now greeted by the pet at the dispatch window, where she takes the weighbridge ticket in her mouth and finds an office administrator to process the form.

The nine-year-old dog can also returns credit and debit cards without damaging them with her teeth, although occasionally they require cleaning.

Owner Elaine Prickett, who has worked at the quarry in Kirkby-in-Furness for 35 years, said that the workers believe that they could not cope without her help.

The dog was never taught to collect the paperwork, but had picked it up simply from watching how the women in the office worked, she claimed.

“I brought her in here as a pup and everybody fell in love with her and I’m not allowed to come to work without her,” she said.

“From about five-years-old she started copying us and mimicking us and she’s now nine, so she’s been doing it for a fair while. I don’t think we could do without her.”

Customer Lex Ward, who is using the quarry’s slate to makeover his garden, said that he has no issues being served by the dog, adding: “She lovely. She doesn’t argue and I was delighted to see her when I came here for the first time.”

Misty is credited with unusually high levels of intelligence by her owner.

“She’s just got this ability to learn,” Mrs Prickett said. “She’s got an interest in things and has done the role of a sheepdog and a cowdog before. She’s just generally intelligent.”

According to a report in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management last year, having a dog in the office can reduce stress levels.

~ Courtesy of The Telegraph

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