Dogs At Kansas City Animal Shelter Need Your Help

December 10th, 2010
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Help save a life this holiday season. For $15, you can adopt one of these dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized at a Kansas City animal shelter. These three pups only have until Friday, December 10th at noon. After that, they will be euthanized. There was no Pet ID, but if you want to adopt any of these dogs, call (816) 921- 0201 .

Pit Bull puppy in BD1A
Male, 8-12 months, stray. (Why on the list? He is very shy. Not aggressive at all that we have seen. Unfortunately, we are just too full to have space for him.)
Older Shepherd/Rott Mix in BD12A
Female, 6 years +, stray (Why on the list? Older and timid. Not aggressive at all that we have seen. Unfortunately, we are just too full to have space for him.)

Pit/Lab Mix in BD11A
Female, 1-3 years, stray (Why on the list? Another black pit bull mix. Unfortunately, we are just too full to have space for him.)

The critical bunch that need to be adopted ASAP before Monday at 8 a.m.

Leah – Pet ID: A11497736

This beautiful black dog is a 1-3 year old Labrador Retriever/Boxer mix and 65 pounds. She’s smart and learns quickly. Leah needs guidance and is eager to please. The pup is good with children and other dogs.

Midnight – Pet ID: A11697258

What a fantastic name for such a beautiful black dog. Midnight is a Shepherd, male mix around 1-3 years old and 65 pounds. This canine is the perfect pooch, because he’s well-behaved and good-natured. Midnight is good with dogs and cats.

Yosemite – Pet ID: A11705815

This Labrador/Retriever mix was abused, but he still loves humans and gives lots of kisses! Yosemite will be your jogging companion and is very playful. He’s 1-3 years old and 65 pounds.

Cashew – Pet ID: A11712819

This pretty Labrador Retriever mix is 4-6 years old and 40 pounds. He’s timid around dogs and cats, but is lovable and will give kisses. He was a stray and needs a good home and guidance to build his confidence.

Sully – Pet ID: A11779039

This pretty pittie is a Pit bull terrier mix about 1-3 years old and 45 pounds. He has lots of energy and is strong, so needs some basic training. This pup needs someone who will give him lots of TLC and who loves to get lots of kisses.

Bridget – Pet ID: A11749023

How can you resist this gorgeous red Pit bull terrier mix? Bridget was abandoned in her yard with her four puppies. She’s a timid pup, but a good girl. She is smart, so will quickly learn her basic training. Bridget is 1-3 years old and 55 pounds.

Cookie – Pet ID: A11813653

This Pit bull terrier mix is a critical case, because she’s been at the shelter for a long time. Cookie is great with people and dogs, but not so great with cats. She is 1-3 years old and 55 pounds.

Ember – Pet ID: A11817970

Look at the smile on this cute Pit bull terrier mix! Ember still smiles for the camera and shares lots of affection despite her abusive past. This high energy pup would make an active family the perfect pet. Ember is good with dogs, cats, and loves children.

Sneakers – Pet ID: A11853718

Those ears are adorable! Sneakers would make a jogger the perfect companion. This high energy Shepherd mix is 1-3 years old and 55 pounds. Sneakers is good with dogs, but a timid thing around cats.

Lady Bug – Pet ID: A11922396

A Labrador Retriever mix that is about 55 pounds. Lady Bug is a bit freaked out at being in an animal shelter. She needs a pack leader who will give her lots of love. Lady Bug likes other dogs, but those felines bring out her timid side.

Meeko – Pet ID: A11793570

Handsome Meeko is 1-3 years old and 55 pounds. This Pit bull terrier mix is so cute, how can you resist him? He came into the animal shelter as a stray and is freaked out, so he’s timid with people, cats, and other dogs. Meeko will need a strong pack leader to show him lots of love and guidance.

Diamond – Pet ID: A11906299

This multi-hued beauty shines with her gorgeous coat and irresistible smile. Diamond was surrendered with her buddy Bosco, because her owners were moving. She’s a high-energy Pit bull terrier mix that is 1-3 years old and 55 pounds. Wouldn’t you love to have this Diamond by your side as you are jogging!

Ramona – Pet ID: A11926615

Look at Ramona! This pretty girl knows the sit command and is house trained. Ramona is full of love and has lots of energy. She’s the perfect jogging buddy. Ramona is 1-3 years old and 50 pounds.

Check out the other dogs that have been fostered and rescued to see if they are still available for adoption.




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