This page features both print and online books. It includes titles we have read and enjoyed, and that we sincerely recommend all dog lovers should read!

With the permission of the authors, we are featuring some books on the blog in their entirety. When we add a book, you will find a link to it here.

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Book: Dieting with My Dog

Author: Peggy Frezon

Summary: Dieting with My Dog is an entertaining and informative book that tells the story of how the author, Peggy Frezon, and her overweight dog, Kelly, change their lifestyle to help them both lose weight. The book is a celebration of how the close bonds we have with our pets can help us triumph in times of need.

You can find Dieting with My Dog on Amazon at You can also connect with Peggy, Kelly, and other dieters (both canine and human!) on FacebookDieting with my Dog FB page ( and on Twitter @peggyfrezon


Book: My Dog Does That!

Author: Elizabeth Parker

Summary: A look at the author’s relationship with her dog, Buddy, Sr., and her experiences while writing this book. Being a die-hard dog lover, Parker often finds herself engrossed in conversations about dogs, and each person she talks to is always more than enthusiastic about sharing their experiences as they blurt out, “My dog does that!” Hence, the title for this book.

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My Dog Does That!

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Book: Dog Stories by Mish de Mut

Author: Irene Broni


Summary:  This book is written from the point of view of a clever and prolific dog named Mish de Mutt. He is a witty character who narrates his autobiography in a dozen or so short and down-to-earth stories.

Between naps, Mish (pronounced “Meesh”) tells his stories about running away, being stuck in the snow, and other adventures. Each time, he has the good fortune to be rescued.

Not knowing where he came from or who his parents were, Mish de Mutt doesn’t mind being a mutt at all. At the shelter, he was simply described as a “red-brown mixed terrier.”

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Dog Stories by Mish de Mutt: Introduction

Mish de Mutt: The Beginning

In Spite of Everything, I Am Still Alive

Leash? Not for Me!

Fleas and Other Things

A Visit to Forget