First Aid 101- Removing Glass From a Dog’s Paw

October 4th, 2009
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I was walking Daisy this morning, and during our walk, she started to have a hard time with her left-front paw. When we made it home, I took a look at it. Sure enough, one of the pads was bleeding. I knew right away that she had some glass lodged in her paw. I knew this because I had taken glass out of the pad of Daisy’s brother, Apollo, several months earlier.

Daisy could have gotten the glass in her paw from our backyard or during the walk. The people who used to live in our house didn’t take care of anything, including the yard. They threw glass, nails, and other trash outside. I’ve been picking up glass for the year and a half that we’ve lived here.

To take glass out of your dog’s paw, first you have to remain calm. If you stay calm, then your dog will also remain calm as you poke around with tweezers. You will need needle-nose tweezers, because other types of tweezers just won’t grasp the slippery glass. To see what you are doing, a flashlight is also very helpful.

I made Daisy lie on her side, and she did get up several times, but I just made her lie back down. Gently, I pushed the pad away from the piece of glass. This took some time, but it’s important to open the pad up slowly so you can pull out the glass. I knew that it was glass in Daisy’s paw by taking the tweezers and moving it across the surface of the object. The tweezers will scrape on the surface of the glass so you know it’s not  part of her paw. When the the space around the glass is wide enough, the glass will come right out.

There might be blood, and a hole might remain where the glass was lodged. I put a shoe or a sock on my dog’s paws so that nothing gets in the open hole.

If you do find glass lodged in your dog’s paw, you MUST take him to the vet as soon as you can, because the area will need to be cleaned and bandaged. Plus, your pup will need to take antibiotics so an infection does not develop.

In this case, the vet would have taken out the glass, but I couldn’t get Daisy to there right away, due to having only one car. Because I have taken glass out of my pups’ paws before, I knew to take it out as soon as possible. I didn’t want Daisy to be in any pain.

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  • ChelseaCohen

    Ouch…it's unfortunate that Daisy got glass stuck in her paw, but it sounds like you acted quickly and intelligently. I hope she is doing alright, now.

  • M.w

    Hugs 4 Daisy from me

  • The think you have to remember is to always stay calm.

  • I will always remember to stay calm for me to do the right thing. Sometimes I tend to forget all the steps if I am at panic.