Francis The Miracle Puppy

August 21st, 2011
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On a freezing February night in Mississippi, a couple driving along stopped when they saw a box that looked like it was left carelessly on the side of the road. When they picked up the box and peered inside, they saw a puppy that appeared not to be breathing. At first, they thought he was dead, but as they looked more closely, they saw that his breathing was very labored and shallow.

The couple took the puppy home with them that night, and the next morning they drove him to the nearby shelter, CARA (Community Animal Rescue and Adoption).

The nice people at the shelter decided to take the poor puppy to a local veterinarian, where it was determined that he was in a coma. They immediately sent out prayer requests on their website and Facebook page for this precious, innocent puppy to live. They named him Francis after St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

Francis remained with the caring and generous people of CARA Animal Shelter. He was in a coma for four days. During this time, they sat with him day and night, petting and talking to him. They decided that if he didn’t wake up, at least he would have been able hear and feel some human love in his short little life.

When Francis finally woke up, he made the most pitiful cries, as if he was trying to talk. He needed 24-hour care, so with a feeding tube down his throat, he went home with some people who worked with CARA. The tube would remain in him for almost eight weeks. At this point, Francis could not stand, much less walk, but a CARA supporter who was a physical therapist, generously gave her time and energy to work with him. After only two weeks of therapy, he was able to stand, and in several more weeks, he was able to walk and even run.

The story of Francis and his miracle recovery touched many people’s hearts, and it made its way to the public at the time Mississippi was trying to pass its Animal Cruelty Law. Francis became the face of animal abuse for the state, opening up the eyes of so many people, that he became instrumental in helping the passage of the bill. Francis and his story not only touched the lives and hearts of Mississippians, but also of people everywhere.

He now has his own Facebook page with almost 800 members representing over 20 states in the U.S. and Canada. But the staff at CARA wanted nothing more for Francis than to be able to live the life of a normal dog in a loving, forever home.

A concerned family came to the shelter and brought Francis home for a weekend visit. He fit in perfectly with their people and dogs. They felt very lucky to be chosen as the family to adopt this special celebrity pup. But to them, he was  just Francis, a sweet, loving dog with a lot of energy that loved to run and play outside, take naps on the sofa, and live a life that all neglected and homeless animals should be lucky enough to find.

Francis has so much love for people, because it was love that saved him. From the beginning, his caregivers were amazed at his progress and that he survived at all. But they knew it was because of his will and determination to live. They had never seen a puppy with such a will. Francis survived all sorts of odds, and because of this, he now has a huge extended family of people who would never have been connected if he had not brought them together through hope, love, faith, and determination.

Visit CARA Animal Shelter website for more information about them and visit their Facebook page.

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