Free Screen Cleaning – Cute Pug Licks Your Monitor

November 17th, 2009
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  • Shawnvcollins


  • Harrisoniscool

    aww that is so cute they r my fave type of dogs

  • AWWWWW!!!! I wish my pug did that kind of stuff but he just lays on the couch ALL day!!!

  • i don’t have a pug i used to have one his name was foodo. he wasn’t fat or too skinny. he was just right. i miss him. i wonder where he is now.

  • awwww tht is so adorabe i love pug they r my fav dog in the world love u pugsn

  • 1. Pugs are my favorite dogs! 2. This is way too CUTE!!

  • does it actually move?

  • michael pro gaming

    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nine

    it originated from