German Shepherd Shot While Caged

July 30th, 2010
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German shepherd, Sarge, a victim of animal abuse, is now being evaluated by the Toledo Area Humane Society. Will they allow Sarge to live?

His owner, Lawrence Mick, along with a friend, shot the dog six times while the pup was caged! After being treated so cruelly by humans, of course the dog will mistrust and do what canines do when scared: fight or flee. Because Sarge previously attacked his former owner’s girlfriend, the Humane Society will evaluate him to determine if his aggression can be calmed.

The Dog Whisperer and other well-known dog trainers have changed fight dogs, so it is clear that abused dogs can be rehabilitated. Canines should not be punished for their owners’ negligence to care for them properly. Sarge should be considered only for rehabilitation, and euthanization should not even be an option.

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