Go Dog Go Fetch Machine Review

March 20th, 2014
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Go Dog Go Fetch MachineI hate to admit it, but I’m getting older and it’s getting harder to keep up with my high-energy dog. I can still manage a brisk walk around the block every night, but engaging in his rambunctious play is far more difficult.

I was browsing pet products on Amazon when I came across the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine.  After reading the reviews I decided to fork over $140 and see if it was any good.

Bosco absolutely loves it! If I let him go, he’d play until he dropped. He listens for the sound it makes right before launch and goes completely rigid with anticipation. I have almost as much fun watching him as he does playing.

My favorite features are the remote – so I can launch the balls from my porch swing – and the adjustable distance (12-45 feet depending on the ball). I have a wireless dog fence and I like that I can keep the balls from launching or rolling past the boundary. I wouldn’t want Bosco’s fence training to be affected by his desire to retrieve the ball.

The Go Dog Go comes with a few issues, though. The balls the machine comes with are awful. Bosco turned them into a shredded, slimy mess within half an hour.  I grabbed some Chuck It Ultra balls at PetSmart and they work beautifully.

It also took some training to keep Bosco from standing too close to the machine and getting nailed when the ball launched. The first time it happened, it took the wind out of him and scared me to death. I recommend keeping a close eye on your pup when first using the launcher, or at least until they get the hang of it.

The Go Dog Go isn’t currently available on Amazon, but you can get it direct from the seller here. It’s a little expensive, but I think it’s definitely worth the money.

~This review written by Ron Rutherford

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