Going To The Movies With Your Dog

January 18th, 2011
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Do you feel guilty leaving you pup at home when you go out? Hopefully, America will open its movie theaters to canines in countries like Sweden! Stockholm residents were able to catch Marmaduke with their furry buddies this month.

Taking our pups to the movies–this is a great idea! When our partner doesn’t want to go to the flick that we want to see, our canine counterpart won’t care what we watch, as long as there are good eats. Pupcorn and hot dogs will be treats the dogs will love.

Dogs aren’t the only pets that will be allowed in Sweden’s annual pet exhibition movie theater. Cats, snakes, and other pets will be able to watch flicks next year. Canines and felines in the same room? Hmm… This could be interesting, and they may put on a better show than that on the big screen. Eww, I wouldn’t want to sit near the snakes! I wonder what other pets there will be at the theaters with their human companions?

To read more about Sweden’s annual pet exhibition, visit the People Pets website.

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