Halloween Tips For You and Your Dog

October 28th, 2011
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It’s that time of year when ghosts and goblins come knocking at your door demanding treats or playing tricks.

Unfortunately, dogs do not understand the meaning of Halloween, and can be frightened easily by the loud noises and strange costumes, which results in some uncharacteristic behavior. Be sensitive to your dog’s safety by following these tips:

Keep your dog restrained. It’s best to put him in a separate room, away from the front door. If you allow your dog to be at the front door, keep him restrained on a leash. A dog’s behavior, when he sees children in masks, is very unpredictable. What is believed to be a very gentle dog can become aggressive when scared, resulting in a bite. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Also, a restrained dog cannot run out the front door and  might become lost in the neighborhood. Just in case, make certain that identification tags are secure on your dog’s collar.

Don’t leave your dog outside. Bring your dog inside, even if you have a fenced yard or invisible fence. Pranksters love to tease dogs, or even be cruel to them, so protect your dog by putting him in a safe place.

Keep dogs away from candles and pumpkins. It’s easy for a dog to knock over a lit candle or pumpkin with his tail during a moment of excitement. Pumpkins are fine, just not in a location where your dog will accidentally knock them over.

Think twice about dressing up your dog in a costume. Some dogs might enjoy being dressed up, but many don’t. Experiment first to see if your dog likes being in a costume. If so, then fine, he’ll most likely enjoy himself. If he shows any resistance, don’t do it. There is enough stress for dogs around Halloween without adding the discomfort of wearing a costume.

Keep candy away from your dog. The statistics are not known, but many dogs become very sick, and some die from eating chocolate at Halloween. Many candies, especially chocolate, are very toxic to dogs. Make certain that all candy is kept well away from your dog, as well as used candy wrappers.

Have fun, but think of your dog’s safety. Finally, if you want your dog to be involved in Halloween festivities, think first about his safety, much as you would do with your child. Your dog does not understand Halloween, so he needs you to provide for his protection.

Halloween is just around the corner, so think of how your dog will react to the festivities, and  make sure you both stay safe.

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