Teddy The Dog: Here He Comes Again

August 20th, 2011
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I was fortunate to receive two Teddy the Dog products recently to review on Dogspired. I found the distinctive Teddy character to be as humorous and as fetching as he has been described in a previous Teddy the Dog review on this site. He appears to have fun in a number of celebrated ways on most of the products offered by Teddy the Dog.

I got the Paws for Peace T-shirt and matching Paws for Peace Canvas Tote. From the moment I opened the package and found these two items, I fell in love with the Paws for Peace design. It has a deep purple background (my favorite color) with a peace sign that’s made of colorful doggy paw prints. The two products share the distinctive Teddy the Dog look and feel—comfortable and engaging. Both come with a sticker of Teddy wearing his distinctive shades. I put one of the stickers on the back of my tote bag.

The t-shirt feels soft and worn in, but doesn’t look old or ragged. Its three-quarter length sleeves fall at just the right place. I frequently have issues with sizes, but the Teddy tee runs true to size. I’ve worn it twice already, and am washing it as I write, so I can wear it again soon!

The tote bag is roomy, with a small pocket inside. It’s a little frayed on the edges, like a favorite old bag, but I found it to be sturdy and well made. It has already proved to be convenient for a variety of purposes. I’m using it now as a gym and an overnight bag. It’s amazing what I can cram in there without hurting the bag or having things tumble out. The tote also has removable straps, so I can wash it when needed.

I adore both of these products and their design, I and will probably order the Paws for Peace plush blanket as well.

You can order the items reviewed and other delightful products from the Teddy the Dog website.

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