Heroic Dog Pushes Ten-Year-Old Child Out Of The Way Of Oncoming Truck

November 16th, 2012
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The five-hour surgical operation on Wednesday to repair a family dog’s shattered leg and fractured back will hopefully help Geo recover from his serious injuries. The seven-month-old German shepherd, collie mix bravely pushed his ten-year-old human companion out of the way of a speeding oncoming truck last week in Clacton, England while on a family walk thus saving the child’s life.

According to The Sun, the family was waiting to cross the road when Carly Riley, the mother of Charlie and two other young children heard a truck approaching at a very fast speed. Before she could even figure out what happened as the truck ran over the curb dangerously heading toward her ten-year-old son Charlie, the family dog pushed the child out of the way of the speeding vehicle and took the full brunt of the impact during the collision.

Geo was thrown into the street, and then was hit again by the vehicle as it left without ever stopping. Authorities have not found the driver of the vehicle.

Meanwhile the heroic pooch suffered severe injuries, and the young family now struggles to pay for their heroic canine’s expensive veterinarian bills.

A Facebook Page has been set up to give updates on Geo and hopefully some information about the person(s) responsible for such reckless behavior will be discovered.

According to ITV.com, Charlie’s mother is sure that their brave canine friend saved the life of her son.

“Geo must have sensed it as he leapt on Charlie and took him out the way. It could have wiped us all out. If it wasn’t for Geo I am 100 per cent sure it would’ve been Charlie.”

If you would like to help with Geo’s vet bills, more information can be found on the Facebook page called Geo the Hero.

Get well soon Geo.

~ Courtesy of Examiner

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