Home Alone

July 8th, 2010
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We have been working with Wrigley, our liver Dalmatian,  to let him out of his crate while we are not home.

A few months ago, we would not have left him out of his crate unsupervised. However, at two and a half years, we have decided that he is old enough and mature enough to handle being out alone.

The process began with times when we were leaving for VERY short trips (15 minutes or less). Then we increased the lengths of time out alone after several successful outings.  We’re now up to six hours of alone and free time in the house.

I cannot stress enough how important it was for us and for Wrigley that we set him up for success. He is always left with some fun treat. Sometimes it’s a KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy filled with peanut butter or a nice meaty bone. We also have a puzzle toy (Food Cube Large Size) that we fill with dry kibble. As he manipulates it, he is rewarded with food!  We are very pleased with the progress he is making, and enjoy the fact that he does not have to spend time in his crate when we leave the house.

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