Innova Natural Pet Food: Ingredients to Keep Your Dog Healthy

September 8th, 2011
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Pets went from being merely animals milling around the backyard to being our furry children and important family members. Pet food companies have responded to this change by offering food and treat choices without any harmful chemicals that can cause cancer or other ailments.

Innova Pet Food offers food and treats that are farm-fresh and natural whole ingredients. The main ingredients in them are chicken, turkey, or other meat products, and not chicken parts or some ingredient you can’t even pronounce. They were the first company to create holistic, natural pet food. Their innovative ideas came about because of a commitment to improve the lives of our pets through superior nutrition. This can lead to fewer skin allergies and ailments, more energy, fewer digestive problems, stronger immune systems, and a better quality of life.

I gave my dogs the Innova HealthBar baked treats, and they gobbled them down. The three main ingredients in these treats are turkey, chicken, and barley. The HealthBars also include the five basic food groups–meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, and grains. I know there are no harmful ingredients in them, and I certainly want to do all that I can to give my dogs a long and healthy life!

For information about these healthy, natural products, visit the Innova website.

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    I think you are correct. my pet also one member in my family. Is this innova food products is very good quality? if its good for my pet health i ll gave your products. thank u so much your post.nnadequan