Lap Dog Rescue

September 15th, 2010
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Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico is very particular about who may adopt the pups they rescue. They look for people who want to add to their families and not those who are looking for a guard dog. These canines are sheltered in loving foster homes until they are matched with a forever owner. Lap Dog Rescue saves pups from animal shelters, abusive situations, and owners who surrender them.

Meet some lap dogs waiting to be adopted:


He’s a five pound bundle of love, who will keep your lap warm. He likes to play and does it well with other furry friends.


If you have a high fence and love those wet kisses, this female Yorkshire terrier will love to lounge around on your lap. She’s full of energy and likes to romp around two-legged and four-legged buddies.


How can you pass up such an adorable furry face? Those big ears will listen to all your problems, as he lounges on your lap. Jackson is 1-2 years old, between 5-10 pounds, and is house trained with a doggy door.

To see all the adorable pups available for adoption, visit the Lap Dog Rescue website.

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