Looking after your dog’s teeth and gums

June 3rd, 2014
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What do you do to look after your teeth? Presumably you brush twice a day, but maybe you also use mouthwash and floss too to keep your teeth as clean as possible. That’s great, but what about your dog? Most dogs don’t have the dexterity to hold a too

thbrush, so it’s down to you to help them keep their teeth and gums as clean as possible. Here’s how…


Check its breath

Your dog’s breath probably won’t be the nicest smelling thing in the world, but if it’s exceptionally smelly, then there could be a more pertinent problem, especially if accompanied by other symptoms such as loss of appetite, excessive drinking or vomiting.

Check its teeth and gums
It may sound obvious, but giving your dog’s teeth and gums a quick once over every now and again is a great way of seeing how healthy they are. Your dog’s gums should be pink with no signs of swelling/bleeding, whilst its teeth should be free from brown tartar. Other things you can look out for include excessive drooling, loose teeth and cysts under the tongue. You can find more detailed information on doggy dental problems at the ASPCA website, but if there’s anything that looks out of the ordinary, then it might be worth investigated further.



Attempting to brush your dog’s teeth might not sound like an awful lot of fun, but it’s well worth the effort. Start by getting your dog used to having their teeth brushed by massaging their lips, teeth and gums with your finger, and when they’re used to that, introduce some dog-formulated toothpaste so they get used to the taste. You can then eventually try using a toothbrush, one that’s specially designed for dogs. You can try Vet Medic vet supplies to pick up all this stuff as it’s important you make sure you’re getting the right products for your dog.

Chew toys
This is something you can let the dog do for themselves. Providing chew toys not only keeps your dog occupied and satisfies their urge to chew and bite, but can also help to keep teeth clean by scraping off tartar and massaging gums. There are also a number of specially-designed chew products that are designed to help keep their teeth clean which may be worth trying.

Healthy diet
Ensuring your dog has a healthy diet is something you should try and do anyway as it will improve overall health, but it can really help to keep their teeth healthy as well. There are various treats available that have been formulated to reduce tartar, whilst you should try and avoid feeding your dog scraps of human food wherever possible. You should also try and avoid giving your dog animal bones and carcasses as the bones can splinter and cut your dog’s gums.

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