Pitbull Book Raises Money for Best Friends Animal Society

August 18th, 2011
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The Pitbull is the star of this book by Jamie Hopf. Twelve Pitbull Terriers and the people who rescued them are featured in Loveabulls. This is not a book trying to dispel the myths about Pitbulls or tell the story of the tragic lives they lived before they were rescued. It is a book filled with pictures of these lovely creatures. Hopf thought, “Why not have pictures of cute Pitbulls like the books with cute Labs.”

Loveabulls is a self-published book. There isn’t a big name publishing company to market the book and raise thousands of dollars. Hopf created Loveabulls because she wanted to help raise money for this breed. All proceeds from the sale of Loveabulls will go to Best Friends Animal Society, the largest animal shelter in the country.

To read more about Loveabulls Book, visit the Best Friends website.

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