Man (& dog’s) best friend: pup is a real-life Lassie!

January 29th, 2013
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There’s no danger too big for Tommy the dog. He may look like an excitable little fluff ball, but when his dog friend RJ was stuck in a ravine, he sprung into action.

Tommy is a small puppy, but he has the heart of a dog 10 times his size and when his buddy RJ was in trouble Monday night, there was nothing stopping him from getting help.

“The little one kept running to the fence and then back to me like he wanted me to come with him. I got over here to the corner of the fence and seen the little hole. Tommy rushed underneath the hole and stopped right at the edge of the ravine and looked down and barked and when I flashed the flash light down there, there was RJ,” said Frank Chargualaf, the dogs owner.

With no way to get RJ out of the canal, they had to call the Sacramento Fire Department, who was shocked by Tommy’s agile, TV-like skills.

“Tommy was like Lassie. The sides of these canals make it almost impossible to scale to get back up, especially if you’re a dog,” said Captain Jason Wenner.

Wenner was able to open the canal gate and get the dog out safely, but not before RJ lost a fight with a skunk.

“When RJ saw the flash lights, he ran right to his dad,” said Wenner.

Chargualf is impressed by Tommy’s ability to get help and the love his dogs have shown towards one another. The two pups have been reunited and so far have not left each others side.

~ Courtesy of Headline News

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