My Dog Does That!

September 9th, 2011
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My Dog Does That!

When I wrote the book, “Finally Home,” it was a great experience for me. I got to wander down memory lane with my dog Buddy, Sr. by my side, laughing at the crazy things he did throughout the years and marveling at the fact that we survived it all!

I was excited to write a book that didn’t have a sad ending. When I wrote the last page, I was able to look into Buddy’s eyes, give him a high five and say, “We finished, Bud. A humorous book all about you.”

As if he needed any more of an ego boost!

For the dog-related events and book signings that were going to take place, I had planned to bring Buddy with me. I was lucky enough to have him sign a few of the first printed copies. I still have his little smudge of a footprint, and I will treasure it forever.

Unfortunately, shortly after I had published the book, Buddy, Sr. was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This eventually led me to write my next dog-related book, titled “Final Journey.” Though definitely not a funny book, I felt it needed to be written, if for nothing else than to make people aware of the severity of both canine cancer and canine grief. Those who grieve the loss of a pet can feel helplessly alone, and I wanted to share how I felt about my own loss.

Once this book was published, I stuck mainly to writing thrillers for a while, but still had many ideas for dog-related stories. Like so many individuals, I love reading stories about dogs–or really any animal.

Being a die-hard dog lover, I often find myself engrossed in conversations about dogs, and each person I talk to is always more than enthusiastic about sharing their experiences. They blurt out, “My dog does that!” Hence, the title for my book, “My Dog Does That!”

I had a lot of fun writing this one. It does not focus on life or death, but purely the funny, ironic, weird, nutty, bizarre, embarrassing, frustrating, eerie, adorable, lovable, and many other behaviors that all dogs can exhibit.

As with all of my books, a portion of the proceeds from the sales are donated to an animal rescue group.

My Dog Does That is available on Kindle and Nook, and in paperback on!

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