Neglected Greyhound Saved

January 10th, 2011
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Scared, starving, and suffering from demodectic mange, a Greyhound named Princess was found and taken to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in England. Princess had lost all of her hair, and her skin was so sensitive that she couldn’t be touched. The puppy had never been showered with love, so she didn’t know what affection was!

With lots of TLC and treatment for her mange, Princess is on the road to recovery. Her hair is growing back, and she is learning to like cuddling and playing. Princess will need treatments all of her life, and the medical bill to save her from her horrendous condition is toppling over at a staggering $15,000, but the staff at the sanctuary are determined to make this six-month-old pup’s life a better one!

To read more about Princess, visit Peoplepets’ website.

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