Olympic Animal Sanctuary

March 29th, 2010
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Steve Markwell has dedicated his patience and time to save dogs that are considered “dangerous” and “should be put to death” due to their violent behavior. He started a dog rescue, Olympic Animal Sanctuary, six years ago. Many of the canine residents have mauled humans, killed other animals, and were scheduled to be euthanized. The sanctuary is a group home for pups with special needs. Markwell will spend weeks working on social skills with his four-legged case load. He doesn’t believe in Cesar Millan’s methods because he doesn’t think punishment or intimidation is the way to work with these troubled pups.

I commend Markwell for his efforts. Any person who dedicates his time to save dogs is truly an angel sent to watch over canines. I understand the time and patience it takes to change behavior in dogs. Owning a Rottweiler, Daisy, who has bitten me several times, she has been a challenging pup. People have suggested to me to just euthanize her. But I kept working with Daisy.

I figured out what triggered her outburst where I got bit. Daisy was scared when she encountered an unstable dog. Her reaction was to snarl, lunge, and bark, and then bite me. After several trials and errors, I was able to find a way to calm Daisy down before she went over the top with her fear. Daisy can now enjoy her walks, and so can I.

Dog behavior can be changed. It just takes time and patience!

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  • Calgarth

    This is a man that needs to spend his time doing something more productive than saving dangerous dogs. What is he going to do when one of those vicious animials gets loose and mauls or even kills someone? It’s not as if dogs are an endangered species. There are too many of them in the world as it is and vicious dogs should be shot!