Pet Product Review: Teddy The Dog

August 27th, 2011
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I was excited to receive the Teddy the Dog products after checking them out on their very cool website. The items they offer are extensive and impressive. They offer products such as clothes, flip-flops, blankets, and more for the whole family. There are also fun things for your furry children, from doggy wear to collars and beds.

The t-shirts for humans have the “Teddy” logo and a saying on each one. Teddy the Dog is a cool canine with wise one liners, for example, “Dirty Dogs Have More Fun” and “Obedience School Drop Out,” to mention a few.

The t-shirt I received from Teddy the Dog shows Teddy sitting with his sunglasses on, wearing a tie, with his tongue sticking out. It displays a caption that says, “Who’s your Doggie?” This, and other fun captions are my favorite thing about Teddy’s clothing line. They make me laugh, and make for great conversation. I especially like the t-shirt that says, “Cats Don’t Sit.”

I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of Teddy and his captions, and will buy the t-shirts just for what they say. The tees are 100% cotton, they have no annoying tag, and they come in men’s and women’s long and short sleeve styles.

The other Teddy item I received was one of their super plush blankets. It is very soft, and I’m sure it will keep me (and my dog) warm on those super cold winter days. Of course, the blankets also include the clever Teddy captions on them. My blanket shows Teddy saying, “Dirty Dogs Have More Fun.” There are also two other plush blankets to choose from– “Puppy Love” and “Paws For Peace.” Each blanket is 50 x 60 inches, 100% polyester, and sells for only $18.00!

Head on over and visit the Teddy The Dog website. Teddy will make you laugh as you peruse all of the poducts!

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