Pet Sales Banned in 70 U.S. Malls

October 20th, 2011
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Pet store leases will not be renewed in the 70 U.S. malls owned by Macerich, a shopping center operator and developer.

Global Animal, an online news magazine, reported last week that within the next 30 days, Macerich, who owns the Westside Pavillion and Santa Monica Place in Southern California, the Scottsdale Fashion Square, and many other popular malls, will only allow stores that offer rescued animals–much like Adopt & Shop in Lakewood, California.

The new policy is the result of the compassion of one animal advocate, Jennifer Peterson, of Los Angeles.

According to Global Animal, when a friend of Peterson’s bought a puppy from BarkWorks in the Westside Pavillion, the dog became sick within a week. The pet store denied any responsibility. The experience transformed Peterson from an animal lover to an activist.

She told Randy Brant, the vice president of leasing for Macerich, about the terrible conditions in puppy mills, which supply pets to many retailers.

For a year, Peterson, Brant and his wife, Dahli, worked on developing a pet store ban plan for Macerich.

“Communities love and support adoption,” Peterson told Global Animal. “We are hoping this starts a domino effect with other mall leasing companies across the country. Let’s get these shops out of business.”

In Tucson, home of Macerich’s La Encantada Shopping Center, the president of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) is happy with the decision.

“This announcement is a testament to Macerich’s partnership with the HSSA in helping homeless animals and recognizing pet overpopulation,” HSSA President and CEO Amy B. Eades told KVOA.

Peterson told Global Animal that one person can indeed make a difference.

“If you see a pet store, write a letter,” she said. “Complain. Find out who the leasing company is and let them know about puppy mills. Get involved and reach out to who you know. I did something about it and I’m not special. Two years ago, I had never even been to a protest. People can do it.”

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