PETA’s New Spokeperson for Adopt Don’t Buy: Lance Bass

December 9th, 2010
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N’Sync fans, the adorable Lance Bass struck a pose for dogs and cats at animal shelters. Now you can add the new PETA Adopt Don’t Buy campaign poster to the numerous N’Sync posters on your wall. Bass’s two rescue pups, Dingo and Foster were happy to join their pawriffic owner and say cheeeessse.

Bass has been rescuing dogs for years and has adopted eight shelter dogs. He thinks that shelters animals are the sweetest, most loyal dogs because they know that they have been saved. Dingo and Foster were part of a litter that was thrown out in a trash bag. Luckily, Bass visited the animal shelter when Dingo and Foster arrived and decided to adopt both of them!

To read more about Bass’ PETA Adopt Don’t Buy campaign, visit People Pets.

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