Pit Fest In Denver, Colorado

January 20th, 2011
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Denver County, Colorado does not allow residents to own Pit Bulls. On January 21, Pit Bull activists will be protesting the breed-specific legislation outside of the Denver City and County building. The following day, there will be a fundraiser and concert. Shorty Rossi, the star of Animal Planet’s Pit Boss, will make an appearance at both events.

How does breed-specific legislation affect the thousands of dog-fighting rings? Pit Bulls and other canines used for dog fighting are not the problem. Legislators and citizens should figure out ways to eradicate dog fighting rather than blaming dogs for human greed and ignorance. People are abusing these Pit Bulls, and the people should suffer the consequences. Punishment for dog fighting needs to be tougher. Serving a couple of years in prison isn’t equivalent to the cruelty that these dogs have to endure.

To read more about Pit Fest, visit the Westword website.

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  • jen

    What time does the fundraiser and concert start on Saturday?