Rescue dog reunions

May 24th, 2013
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CaptMorganYesterday, Carol Kuruvilla of the New York Daily News presented quite an inspirational story about Captain Morgan, a rescued one-eyed Dachshund that was reunited with his former foster mother Eva Armstrong. Armstrong had been instrumental in saving the little special needs fellow from the throes of death. Eva is just one of many rescuers working with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

The great thing is, dogs are much more intuitive than humans often give them credit for. They realize who their saviors are and will do what they possibly can in order to thank them for their efforts. Unfortunately many rescued animals never get the opportunity for a reunion.

For those puppies that never forget, if they get their moment in the sun, they get to display their gratitude in a most momentous way. They know. They remember.

Have you ever fostered? Do you wonder what happened to the canine that you took into your home in order to give them an advantage that they may not otherwise have gotten without your help? They may just be wondering about you, too.

Sometimes this scenario is in the minds of those that have adopted the rescue pets and due to human emotion, they fear that the animal that they have come to know and love may just not want them any more if they get an opportunity to meet back up with their foster parent(s). This jealousy prevents both other human and canine to be able to have some sort of closure.

The thing is, the foster families may have their own pets and can only take in a homeless pet for a short time. They may not have the means to keep another pet. Yet it is difficult for them to see their temporary pet move on.

Sometimes fostering comes to an abrupt stop. There is no time for either side to get over the loss that they feel inside their hearts. The humans take an animal in, get it adjusted to a real life of love and caring, clean it up, get it medically situated, take it to one adoption event, and bingo, the dog is adopted. Just….like….that!

When Captain Morgan recognized his former foster mother Eva Armstrong, he rushed to her side and jumped right into her arms. As the photo displays, the dog burrowed in, giving his rescuer the dog hug of a lifetime! Thankfully Captain Morgan’s adoptive parents were strong enough and willing to give their doggie the meeting that he deserved. Witnessing the joy that the canine and volunteer displayed was gift enough to know that they had done a great thing.

These great stories of gratitude are endearing indeed. They may even convince people to offer up their love and home for a pet in need. This type of story may also prompt more adoptive parents to give their pet the closure with their former foster parent that they deserve. No matter what, these stories are great for the heart!

~ Courtesy of Examiner

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