Signs and Symptoms of Dog Pregnancy

October 20th, 2012
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Have you recently noticed some significant health or behavioral changes in your dog? These changes might be symptoms of dog pregnancy.

Dogs reach sexual maturity as early as 6 months, or as late as 16 months, depending on the breed. While this means that they can become pregnant, a dog should not be less than 18 to 24 months before embracing this phase of life.

Here are some dog pregnancy signs and symptoms to watch out for. Not all dogs will display each of these symptoms, but the presence of more than one will give you an idea that your dog is pregnant.

– If your furry friend deviates from her normal behavior it might be a sign of early pregnancy. For example, if your dog suddenly becomes clingy, or if she is naturally very affectionate, she may prefer to be left alone.

– You may notice a drop in your dog’s appetite during the first few weeks of pregnancy, and then she may become reluctant to eat anything. As the weeks of pregnancy progress, her appetite may return with a vengeance, and she will require nearly twice her normal diet to support the pups.

– Some dogs will vomit occasionally during the first few weeks of pregnancy, ranging from clear mucous to actual food. This is natural and should not be a cause for alarm if the discharge develops a foul odor or a brownish color. Green discharge, on the other hand, especially late in the pregnancy, might be a sign that she has a defecated uterus.

– Many females may show some level of breast development after a heat cycle. However, continued breast growth is an indication that your dog is pregnant. You will notice breast development during the early and middle stages of pregnancy, which typically leads to milk production during the last stage of gestation. However, some dogs won’t produce milk until the puppies begin to nurse.

– Typically, dogs will spend a good deal of time resting and sleeping. This symptom will become more noticeable during the early and final stages of pregnancy.

– Once the puppies reach a certain size, you will be able to feel them by gently placing your hand on your dog’s abdomen. The best time to check for movement is right your dog has had some mild exercise.

Keep notes about your observations, and finally, take your pup to the vet for confirmation of her pregnancy.

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