Single Women and Their Dogs

May 17th, 2010
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People love their dogs, but single women seem to have an especially special bond with them.

While nobody really keeps track of dog ownership statistics by gender or marital status, Robert Yau, co-founder and CEO of, a national online dating site for single pet owners, reports that 74% of their membership is female, and 65% own dogs.

What is it between single women and their dogs? There are a number of reasons for this special connection. Many women who live alone feel safer with a dog. For other women, an active dog encourages them to exercise more often. Still other single women who grew up with a dog say that when they became homeowners and had the space, they immediately added a dog to their lives. And women generally feel less alone with their constant furry companions.

Single women may hear people talk about how close they are to their dogs–that they might take the place of a relationship with a human partner. Dogs are not surrogate spouses, but having a dog can improve the quality of life. A dog is not judgmental, and will stay by your side and love you no matter what. They can erase the stress and headaches from a long day just by jumping up and giving big wet kisses when you come home. There is no better welcome in the world.

Single women dog owners are simply devoted to their pets. If a man tries to replace a single woman’s dog, that man can easily become history in no time. Hence the success of pet-based dating services, pooch parties at dog-friendly cafes, and dog-loving hotels. Dogs really are family for many single women, so suitors be warned: it’s a package deal!

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  • singlemanwith dog

    single women with dogs are better lovers

  • SuperMan28

    This is a super awesome comment!

  • Mongo

    Actually, single women who are clearly “into” their dogs, are just letting you know they've got a few “issues” with normal adult relationships to begin with. So the love affair with their pooch just makes that easier to spot up front. Animals are great, but the folks who use 'em as a substitute for people, maybe not so much….

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  • Amen!!! u00a0package deal

  • Well, I guess there’s no hope for me, since I don’t like dogs. It irritates me when they beg for my food, I don’t like it when they jump all over me, and I especially hate it when I’m supposed to let a dog just “walk all over me”, instead of act as the human.