Spring has sprung…and so have fleas, ticks, and allergies!

March 29th, 2011
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Skin problems occur in pets year-round, but spring-time can launch many irritants that were dormant all winter long. If you’ve kept a close eye on your dog year-round, you will be sure to spot any problems as soon as they arise.

Allergies in dogs have become much more common lately.  Dry skin, paw-licking, and constant itching are all signs.  There are some natural remedies you can try at home to temporarily relieve your dog’s discomfort.  But remember, always consult your veterinarian to find out if these home remedies are right for your furry friend or if the problem persists.

Spring is a beautiful time of year…but it does have its pests!

Ear mites can lead to excessive itching around the ears.  And if they aren’t treated properly or soon enough, ear mites can cause a “hairy” situation for your pup, including infection or damage to the middle ear.  Your dog may have ear mites if you see gray or black spots in the ear or persistent scratching and/or repeated shaking of the head.  Pets can also appear lethargic or spike a fever.  Try soaking a cotton ball or gauze pad in mineral oil and pat it around and in the ear canal. Once the mineral oil is applied, gently massage your pet’s ears. This should remove the ear mites and build-up and provide some relief for a short period of time until you can get your dog to the veterinarian.

For insect bites, first remove any stingers with a pair of tweezers, your fingers, etc.  Apply a cold compress to the sting or bite-site to relieve any pain or discomfort and to reduce swelling. Next, mix some water and baking soda together and apply it to the site to treat insect venom and to relieve itching.

Fleas can become a big problem, quickly. Store-bought flea collars are not advisable for long periods of time. You can make your own natural flea collar for dogs by rubbing a few drops of one of the following oils into any fabric collar or bandanna: Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Citronella Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil or Geranium Essential Oil. Rub one of these oils in each week to repel fleas. Yeast and garlic supplements may also contribute to your dog’s flea defense.  If you already have fleas, make sure to wash your pet’s bed/blanket frequently, as the heat usually destroys them all.  Vacuum the house thoroughly and don’t forget to empty your vacuum bag!

Other ailments that “spring” up as the weather gets warmer

Hot spots are a common skin condition that can be diagnosed by raw, moist, round lesions that are inflamed and usually very painful.  Pets lick and bite hot spots, causing further swelling and irritation.  Some pets get hot spots as a result of bug bites, allergies, injury, infections, or anxiety. If left untreated, hot spots can become infected and spread.  To treat them, try dissolving two aspirin tablets in one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.  In another bowl, dip a tea bag in warm water. Mix the two prepared bowls and wait for it to cool down a bit.  Gently shave the hair around the hot spot and apply the mixture with a cotton ball or gauze pad. You can use this remedy as needed, based on your pet’s discomfort, until you can get him/her to your veterinarian to make sure the spot is nothing serious.

Allergies aren’t just for us “humans” anymore! They are the most common cause of itching in dogs, and the number of cases is on the rise. Place your dog in a cool bath for ten minutes to relieve any itching. You can also add colloidal oatmeal to the bath or use it as a shampoo. Colloidal oatmeal can quickly help to soothe the skin, but it should be used every few days to maintain its effectiveness.

Itchy paws can be a real bummer! For dogs’ itchy feet, fill a bath tub with enough cool water to cover their feet and dissolve a cup or two of Epsom salt in the water.  Soak your dog’s feet for 10 minutes, but never let him/her drink the water.

Enjoy spring with your pets, but watch for itchy ailments and creepy crawlers…

This time of year is so exciting!  The warm weather, the beautiful flowers in bloom…and with natural home remedies, your pets can enjoy this season with you.  But, make sure to always consult with your veterinarian if you find any new condition… even itchy skin!  This can be a sign of an underlying problem or illness.  It’s always safest to get your pet to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.  The home remedies can help alleviate any discomfort until you have the chance to visit the doctor.

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