Surgery or No Surgery: Torn Muscle

July 30th, 2009


This is my Rottweiler, Daisy. She has injured her back legs a number of times. The injuries were all a pulled muscle that took a week to recover from. This last injury was serious, and Daisy wasn’t recovering.

I took her to the vet and found out that she had torn a muscle in her knee. The vet highly suggested that Daisy have surgery to correct this torn muscle.

After I heard this, I thought, yes, let’s do the surgery, because I don’t want Daisy to hobble around anymore. However, my husband was against it because the surgery was going to cost $4,000.

I did some research on this $4,000 TPLO surgery and whether or not it would be the best decision. At first, I came across articles that insisted that large dogs must have this surgery due to their weight. The part that didn’t sit well with me was the fact that the surgery would not completely correct Daisy’s issue with pulling the muscles in her back leg.

We could spend $4,000, only to have the muscle tear again. Plus, there were many problems that could arise due to the surgery. Spending the $4,000 wasn’t looking like the best solution.

As I searched around the Internet some more, I found an article that was against surgery. The dog had torn muscles in both his back legs. After much research, his owner decided to let the muscles heal naturally, and his dog was perfectly fine after the muscles had healed. From his article, I decided that the best solution for Daisy’s leg was to let it heal naturally.

I do give Daisy a Glucosamine vitamin every day after asking the vet about supplements. I limit her activity so that she doesn’t injure her leg even more. We take her on a short walks every day so that Daisy can go to the bathroom and get a little exercise. The healing process is slow, but Daisy is improving.

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  • Mark Webber

    Aww, I love daisy this is not the first entry i have read about her. I think you really are making the right decision. I hope you see this comment. Please update us on Daisy's progress.

  • joyjones

    That is good news indeed! PLEASE leep us updated, we could all benefit from knowing how it goes.

  • hipnjoint

    I have a dog who has leg pain and I am giving her 2 tabs a day of a glucosomine, msm, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid supplement. I was wondering if your dog had improved, and if so, how long it has taken.

  • Joan

    cody can't step on her left leg. She has pulled this muscle again. What do I give for pain relief?

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