Tackling those little accidents

March 19th, 2014
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rugAnyone with a young puppy or old pooch will know that little accidents are inevitable and unfortunately for the owners, soft furnishings such as rugs and sofas can seem like the perfect place to go when nature calls.

This was a lesson which I learnt the hard way when dog sitting for an elderly golden retriever named Ellie. Ellie would spend her day sitting contently on a thick oriental rug in front of the fire until, without warning, she would “go” on the rug before walking off. After hours of scrubbing with cleaning agents there was still a faint smell of wee and the dyes had started to run. By the end of the week, the rug was ruined beyond repair.

As annoying as these little accidents can be, your dog can’t help it. With training a puppy will stop this behaviour and if it is an old dog, remember we will all get that way one day too! Until the day your dog learns not to wee on your favourite furnishings, being prepared and having a little know-how is your best line of attack against unsightly stains. Following the simple steps below will help any dog owner take the stress out of stain removal.

If there is more than just wee to contend with, firstly pick up any solids that have been left on the rug and dampen the area with a water and white vinegar solution. This area should then be blotted and sandwiched between two cotton towels. To help get rid of any excess water and speed up the drying process you should apply pressure to the sandwiched area.

After a few minutes remove the top towel and pack with corn starch. Leave this overnight until the corn starch is dry and hard to the touch, this will absorb any moisture left behind. In the morning use a spoon to break up the powder and a soft brush to get up loose powder. Vacuum up the residue and spray some deodorizer over the area. The same technique can be followed for carpets without sandwiching the underneath.

Following these techniques should mean that your dog and interiors can live in harmony, no matter what its toilet habits might be.

Advice via rug care guru, Lisa Wagner.

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