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My Puppy Bites, So What Can I Do?

September 21st, 2012
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If you've never had a puppy before, it may not be such a pleasant surprise to learn that puppies can be very mouthy, frequently biting everything, even you! This is a very common behavior for puppies, but can become a large problem down the road if it is not handled properly right away. My Pup is Normal Remember, puppy biting or mouthing is instinctive. ...

Puppies and Separation Anxiety

November 20th, 2011

Separation anxiety can be more difficult to cure in older dogs since it is a learned behavior. Last week we provided some tips to help cure this problem in older or mature dogs even after it has already developed. When it comes to puppies, it is possible to avert this problem altogether. Prevention is key and it is up to you, the ...

Dear Cooper,

November 18th, 2011

Dear Cooper, One year ago yesterday, you came home. You were supposed to be a foster, though! It became apparent – almost immediately – that the big boys adopted you. They played with you, letting you tug and tug and tug on toys that they held until they got bored, then they’d let you win. I think they instilled in you a tremendous misunderstanding of your own ...

Beagle Puppy Discovers How to Howl

November 7th, 2011
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Fozzy The Therapy Dog

October 6th, 2011

Fozzy may look like a Muppet. Fozzy Bear from the Muppet Show, said that she filled a hole in Lynn Goldfarb's life. Goldfarb lost her beloved dog Ashby, who she rescued as a puppy and nursed back to health, because the pup had a broken leg when she adopted her. After Ashby died, Goldfarb was heartbroken and her husband thought she should wait a few months ...