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Gluten-detecting dog a lifesaver for Michigan woman

October 13th, 2014
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Last Christmas Eve, Dawn Scheu set a bag of groceries on the floor of the kitchen in her Gregory home and got busy putting them away. Her dog immediately started pawing at the back of her legs. "Willow, quit," Scheu admonished the German shorthaired pointer. From the other room, her husband yelled: "Is she indicating?" Scheu froze. Is that what was going on? Was her service dog warning ...

How Pico the Dog Changed Ryan Honick’s Life

September 11th, 2014
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Ryan Honick won’t hesitate to tell anyone who asks how wonderful life has become thanks to his service dog, Pico. “Everywhere I go, I go with my best friend,” he says. Before Pico, Ryan, who has cerebral palsy, had some difficulty getting around. “The things most people take for granted, like picking up something that has fallen, can be challenging at times,” he says. Ryan had a ...

Service dog helps injured veteran find balance

July 23rd, 2014
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A Jefferson County veteran, who lost both his legs to a bomb blast in Iraq, has a new friend to lean on. Smoky Mountain Service Dogs spent two years training Bella, a golden retriever, to be a mobility assistance service dog. On Thursday they held a "Passing of the Leash" ceremony at Tellico Village Community Church in Loudon. Smoky Mountain Service Dogs matched Bella with Sgt. Bradley Walker, ...

Dog uses surfing skills as form of therapy for people

July 7th, 2014
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A dog with a bizarre love of surfing uses her skills as a form of therapy. Golden retriever Ricochet goes surfing with war veterans, children and the disabled to help cheer them up. She was originally turned down as a guide dog, as she kept chasing birds, so owner Judy Fridono tried to find another way she could help people. Judy took her to the beach near their ...

Rescue dog now helping others as therapy dog

June 25th, 2014
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WAUSAU, WIS. — She doesn't receive a paycheck, Social Security or vacation time, but Phoebe is a valued member of the therapy team at Compass Counseling Wausau. Phoebe's story is compelling, but she has to rely on others to tell it. Phoebe is a certified therapy dog at the outpatient mental health and alcohol and other drug abuse clinic. Her calm disposition helps her owner, counselor Andy ...