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Retraining an Old Dog: Life lessons in kindness and trust

October 3rd, 2013
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I walked with a friend of mine this morning. She had her new rescue dog with her. The dog was a black, female lab. My friend has had the dog for less than six weeks. "Of course, Foxtrot (the dog) went into heat the first day we brought her home," my friend said. "Three weeks later, we finished with that, waited a week and had her ...

My Puppy Bites, So What Can I Do?

September 21st, 2012
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If you've never had a puppy before, it may not be such a pleasant surprise to learn that puppies can be very mouthy, frequently biting everything, even you! This is a very common behavior for puppies, but can become a large problem down the road if it is not handled properly right away. My Pup is Normal Remember, puppy biting or mouthing is instinctive. ...

Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump

January 26th, 2011
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You have an adorable, wonderful dog that you love with all your heart, but he has this one problem--he jumps on you and your visitors! If he’s a small dog, you may not be too concerned. But if your dog is pushing 100 lbs., and he jumps up to say hello and to score a lick on your face, it might not be so cute ...

Home Alone

July 8th, 2010
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We have been working with Wrigley, our liver Dalmatian,  to let him out of his crate while we are not home. A few months ago, we would not have left him out of his crate unsupervised. However, at two and a half years, we have decided that he is old enough and mature enough to handle being out alone. The process began with times when we were leaving ...

The Fruits of Our Labor

May 25th, 2010
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I have no doubt that every parent has moments when they look at their child and feel great pride at who that child has become.  Jenn and I had such an occasion with our Dalmatian Wrigley. The image to the left is a good representation of how Wrigley was when he came to live with us. He was a disaster! He barked at everyone, he attempted ...