The Day of a Dog on Thanksgiving Day

November 26th, 2009
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Thanksgiving DogSo there was plenty of food on the table and though I was unable

I saw my bowl full of the same and then I hung my head in a sorrowed shame

As I barked at the humans up above, a small kid pet me and showed me some love

Couldn’t believe my very eyes as the turkey fell to my surprise

I ate it and looked up for more, but nothing fell and then the door

Taken outside to do my thing but then the dinner bell did ring

All had plates full of stuffing, turkey, cranberry galore

Now outside in the shivering cold, I find my tree but becoming bored

Finally, let back insideĀ I see the mess they left behind

Thanksgiving is here and I’m right on time!

-By Michael Rosenblatt

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